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Thread: Laser engrave logo on bowl bottom

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    I love my laser and use it daily but if I was looking to put my logo on something I would use a medallion. Either anodized or wood. Get them made to fit a forstner bit and go to town.

    If you want a laser to use for other options as well they are excellent. I don't have any experience with any machines except the epilog line but you can have a truck load of logos made on 1/8 material for less than the start up on even a cheap machine.

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    I made these for Dennis. There are plenty of laser engravers here, visit the Laser Forums.
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    carving a boss into a bowl for a medallion seems a bit much, and would take away from the bowl (IMO)

    -the bowl itself should be the medallion
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    does seem like a lot of extra work, I would just engrave the bottom of the bowl.
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