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Thread: Cant get Jointer to cut straight, advice needed!

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    Cant get Jointer to cut straight, advice needed!

    So I posted a few days ago about not being able to get my jointer beds properly aligned on my new combo machine. After many people chimed in about shimming the infeed table, I've gone ahead and gotten it coplanar to the outfeed using several brass shims . Using a 36" precision straight edge I got it all even.

    I set the infeed table for a 1/16" cut, and when im feeding boards over the cutterhead, the last 1" or so of the board does not get jointed. If I keep pressure on the infeed table throughout the cut then the entire board will get jointed, but if I keep pressure on the outfeed than there is always a short section at the end thats not being jointed. I dont think this is considered snipe since it is never being touched by the cutter.

    Furthermore, there is always a slight dip in the jointed edges of boards, about .010".

    Ive owned two jointers before this and never had issues like this, and am at a loss as to how to correct it.

    Please see the attached pictures illustrating the issues.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    To me this sounds like the far end of the jointer is sagging down causing the trailing end of the board to be raised.

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    I think the work is "climbing". Outfeed table too high. Too low would leave a snipe,not an uncut area.

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    The tapered cut suggests the outfeed table is too high relative to the knife cutting circle. This is usually accompanied by a convex profile along the edge. The concave (dip) section usually is caused by the outfeed being too low. It is possible to get both at once if there is a dip in the center of the outfeed table, but start with the basics.

    Earlier, you said that the outfeed table was not level with the cutterhead. Have you adjusted the outfeed so that a straightedge spanning both ends of the table just touches the knives at top dead center all along the length of the cutterhead? Have you checked the tables to see if they are dished or crowned? Do you have a long enough straightedge to span the length of both tables and ensure they are coplanar? You should be able to make one of wood with your sliding table saw.

    Assuming the tables are flat and set correctly relative to the cutterhead and each other, joint two boards of equal thickness and as long as the outfeed table and offer up the mating edges. If they are convex or don't get cut on the trailing ends as you described, lower the outfeed table .001" and try again. Repeat until you get an accurate joint. If you get a snipe at the trailing end, raise the outfeed in small increments. If after this you cannot get good joints, there is something wrong with the tables (which can be corrected by precision grinding or scraping) or you need to go back and check the initial setup with a long accurate straightedge and considerable patience.

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    I agree with Ken. Sounds like your outfeed table is a tad low on the outermost edge. This condition should result in a slightly concave edge with the tail of the board rising above the cutter, leaving the unjointed part at the end. If you can find a way to adjust the tilt of the outfeed table, this should correct the problem.

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