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Thread: How to layout door dimensions for Pie Corner?

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    How to layout door dimensions for Pie Corner?

    I am in the very very very early/preliminary/rough-sketch of laying out a new cabinet build (for myself). "Early" is the key word here. Right now, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to dimension 1/2" overlay doors for a face-frame "pie corner" cabinet. Looking at the directions for the Blum 170° Pie Corner Hinge Kit, Face Frame, 1/2'' Overlay hinges, I see the outside corners of the 2 doors just touching at the closed 90 deg position.

    In this design, all I did was take my two wall cabinets and rotate one 90 deg to the other to achieve my corner. Note, increasing the width of either cabinet is 100% not an option due to window on one side, stove on the other. Clearly a lot more work needs to be done to the drawing (e.g the two face frame stiles #1 need to go), but for the purpose of this question, all I'm interested in is figuring out the door/hinge situation. I have learned, through many hours of frustration, not to start messing with things in Sketchup until I get the "outside" layouts correct, then start working inward (carcas).

    So do I:
    • Widen door stiles 2 and 3 by 1/4 inch each so outside corners meet for the Blum hinge? 1/4 inch wider on one side is something I can live with, you should see the vanity I just built....
    • Widen both door stiles (all 4) by 1/8 inch either side, which would be even less noticeable, but would result in a 5/8 door overlay, thus negating the great deal I got on a very large box of Blum 1/2 overlay 5/8 overlay hinges even exist?
    • Just send it: there's enough lateral adjustment in both hinges (per door) to kinda sorta make it look ok
    • Offset the hinge on d00r (narrower door) to bring it to meet outside corner of door #1, increase width of stile nearest window 1/4"
    • Bring the two cabinets closer together at intersection #1 so the doors meet at outside corner. I can't make them wider, but there's no constraint in my design against moving them closer together at that you see why I haven't finished the carcass or face frame layout!

    None of these options make any sense, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to layout pie corner doors...

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    I'd strongly recommend a quick mock up. You have extra hinges, just throw something together that allows you to play with the overlays and angles.

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    You don’t need to build your doors any differently whether it’s a 90 degree corner cab or an angled corner cab. If you are using 1/2” overlay style hinges then door A will be the opening plus 1/2” and door B will be the opening plus 1/2” minus the thickness of door A.

    The reason the doors are plus 1/2” and not plus 1” like it would normally be for 1/2” overlay is because the opening is only open on one side. Door B will be the opening plus 1/2” minus the thickness of door A.

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