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Thread: Small shop layout pic request!

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    Small shop layout pic request!

    I'm working on my small shop layout and would like to request pics from those of you with 200-300 sq ft shops. Mine should be around 250 square feet, so I'll need to keep things mobile and snug.

    I tried searching but the search function didn't return a whole lot of useful threads... apologies if this has been posted before!

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    My previous shop was around 300 sqft here are some pics. I had a 14" bandsaw, 6" jointer, contractor table saw all mobile and stationary miter saw station, small workbench, both vertical & horizontal lumber storage, ceiling air filtration, shop vac, 3hp cyclone dust collector w/ 6" spiral pipe fridge/microwave. Used the fold down table saw outfeed a lot as a work surface as well as my finishing materials cabinet surface. It was too cramped for my liking but I was able to make a king size platform bed with large pullout drawers with headboard w/ floating nightstands. I had to build and finish in stages, hang parts from the 8.5ft ceiling and move pieces out during the building phases which I hated but it worked. Note that the wide angle pic is just before I moved while the others are before the dust collection was installed but I kept the layout the same...the vertical lumber storage just shifted to the Rt of the cyclone.
    IMG_3985.JPG IMG_2326.jpg IMG_2327.jpg

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