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Thread: Fun with Telemarketers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Coates View Post
    Bought a new landline phone system that you can set to screen calls.
    Short version: The caller must press the # key (this eliminates robo calls) to talk to you if they are not in your phone book. If they don't phone never rings. Filters out about 8 calls/day. You can also put the number in a block list so they won't get screening. Other options available. I have the vtect, but believe Att has the same type.
    The problem with the type of device you describe is that the spammers are spoofing phone numbers so they have an infinite number of phone numbers to use, including the ones in your directory. I've seen numbers on my caller ID from the local businesses and even my own number. The other problem is that you screen legitimate calls from doctors, car repair shops, etc.
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    There USED to be a similar stand-alone device that went off the market a few years ago, never seen it again- what was different was that ANYONE who called was greeted with something simple like "press 1 to continue this call"... If 1 wasn't pressed, you never knew about it. Doesn't help with 'live' callers, but no robocalls, and spoofing doesn't matter...
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    My phone allows blocking spam callers by number. The problem is the storage of blocked numbers is finite, the spoofed numbers are not.

    There was something on the news recently about a step up of enforcement in the works. That would likely be welcome by most folks.

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    A heartwarming story!

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