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Thread: The Honeymoon is Over

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    The Honeymoon is Over

    That blissful time was nice. But yesterday I put the snowblower away and started the lawnmower.

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    Winter definitely hung on for you guys up north. I've been mowing since April 5. But your post does remind me that I have to drain gas on the snowblower

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    Never put the mower away from last fall. With the mild winter (we had one night with a snow flurry), and abundant rainfall, grass had to be mowed at least every other week. Sometime twice in one week. For last month, it hasn't rained enough to settle the dust, so mowings are now bi weekly. Tonight, it rained about half an inch, so this weekend grass will need to be mowed again.

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    'Been mowing for about a month now here...and I have to do two properties at the present time which means trailering my ZTR between them.

    Snow...well...the Big Orange Power Tool took care of that at the "old" property. I suspect I'll need a snowblower here because the Kubota will ultimately be "overkill" for the "new" property and I'll probably not keep it beyond building my shop and using it to clean up the landscape. Tools like that need to be used and I'd feel bad about it sitting idle.

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    I have been mowing for over 6 weeks. I have fertilized and hope to get the granular insecticide down today, get the manure/compost into the flower beds and get the impatiens planted before I have to go retrieve the wife and 3 grandkids for the summer.

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    We had a stint of much warmer than normal weather and this morning a touch of frost on car roofs. Darn chilly outside until about 1 or 2 oclock in the afternoon. I wanted to take a motorcycle trip on tomorrow but the high for the day is only 59 with showers. Started mowing this year on April 12, but a couple years ago, I actually made hay in early March and even again in December. In fact the hay field is ready, but the equipment and weather is not. I need at least three preferrably 4 dry days in a row. Not in the next ten day forecast that is for sure.

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