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Thread: Completed Hutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by John TenEyck View Post
    Overall, beautiful Ed. I love the grain. I like the painted interior. I don't like the sapwood in those top door rails. IMO they detract from what otherwise is a very nice piece.

    I would agree completely with John on a formal piece, but on a hutch , I think itís okay. Itís my hutch hunch.... And of course a factory made
    modern hutch would be ďtoned ď into a brown paint job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer View Post
    Very nice Ed. It looks super. Please tell us more about the finish and joinery.
    Joinery is a combination of mortise & tenon plus dominoes (fesstool). Used dovetails for drawers.

    Used router bits for window panes and shiplap back.

    Made cove molding on table saw.

    Finish is BLO and several coats of wipe on poly. I like sapwood in some spots because I think it gives a piece a unique look. (Besides, cherry is so darn expensive, I canít afford to waste any.)
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    I personally embrace the sapwood in pieces like this and was tickled that the cherry cabinetry in the kitchen of our "downsize" home we just moved into has sap-wood galore in the Kraftmaid cabinets.

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    Very nicely done Ed. I'm another who uses sapwood as an aesthetic element. The painted interior shows off the goods and the clean lines let the crown draw the eye up. On top of that, cherry ages beautifully.
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    Ed, that is a beautiful hutch. I did the exact version a few years ago. It is a country hutch, and I agree with Mel and the others - a little sapwood gives it authenticity.

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    That hutch came out really really nice Ed. The lighter back and the rustic cherry compliment the hutch just right in my humble opinion. Excellent craftsmanship to boot.

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    I agree with the previous comments on this excellent piece. Thanks for sharing.
    Rustic? Well, no. That was not my intention!

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