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Thread: Adapter so CT26 vac hose can connect with non-Festool dust ports?

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    Adapter so CT26 vac hose can connect with non-Festool dust ports?

    I recently got a CT26 dust extractor, which comes with a "Cleantec" hose featuring a proprietary end design rather than the slightly tapering 32 mm/1-1/4 in. (or whatever it is) standard everyone else uses. As a result, the hose won't properly couple to the dust collection connection ports on non-Festool tools, such as the the router shown, defeating its purpose.

    Does Festool, or anyone else, make an adapter? Or is there another solution to bridging this divide besides my current work-around: swapping out the CT26 hose for the one from my old Fein?
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    I've been using these for years. I keep several around and just cut them to fit as needed
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    Check this guy's listings:

    Pretty sure he's got adapters for that fitting.

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    You've just gotta break in the rubber end. It'll fit after it has some mileage on it, softened up and become more pliable.

    The he old style ends were much better in this regard.

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    Thank you all for your responses. I ordered a couple of the Woodcraft adapters and will reach out to the person on Etsy (amazing how 3D printing and the Internet can create and support cottage industries to fill niche needs).

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    Also Rockler sells a kit which has a number of fittings. One of them or a combination within the kit might work for you. They are listed as Dust Right FlexiPort kits. There are several different sets, but I'm not sure what the differences are. If the hose end is slightly smaller, wrapping it with duck tape can sometimes make it just the right size.

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    I have a few of their adapters, i didn't know they sold them on Etsy though, I bought them directly through their website

    The rockler adapters are really nice too, I had an older set but i wish they made one that was designed more for the Festool hose where you could take it on when needed then off.

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    OP here: Since I posed this question a year ago, I came up with another solution, which IME works better than any of the above suggestions (which I did try and for which I remain appreciative). DeWalt produces a whole array of vac hose end adapters that allow their own proprietary dust exactor hose end to mate with lots of different dust port designs common to many brands. DeWalt also makes a product intended to convert a generic shop vac hose into a hose with DeWalt's proprietary end fitting. It turns out this latter product is a perfect press fit onto the proprietary Festool end of the Cleantec hose, meaning that once you temporarily stick it onto the end of the Festool hose, you gain access to a range of generic adapters from DeWalt that allow you to couple the hose onto a host of tools. I posted about this solution previously here.
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    That's really interesting that the Dewalt end fits with it. I will have to pick on up and test it out this weekend.

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