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Thread: Getting 14" bandsaw - does it make sense to keep 9" benchtop for narrow blade ?

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    Wow, thanks everyone. I actually expected people to say "ditch the small one, quality difference will be night and day, etc". Didn't realize how common it was to have more than one.
    I've been strategizing on finding ways to keep them both setup. Have to do some major re-organizing.
    Thanks again.

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    You will like having the 9" saw in the future Michael.
    I bought a used 9" delta band saw with a few other wood shop machines and later bought a used 14" delta band saw.
    I kept the 9" saw and use it more then the 14" saw with a 1/4" blade. It is small enough to set under a bench when not in use, but tends to stay as it as I am not that crowded yet.

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    Yeah, hold on to the 9”. I sold my 14” when I bought my MM16 and quickly regretted it. I bought the 10” Rikon bench top soon after. I use the Rikon more often than the MM.
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    I was doing a bit of laminate flooring here awhile back. Cutting it to width by scoring with a utility knife and snapping it, notching with a handsaw with a step stool as a 'saw bench'.

    I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to drive down to Woodcraft and pick up a 10" Rikon ...

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    I second the suggestion to keep it. As you stated, keep a small blade on the bench top unit and reserve the big machine for big cuts. I have the Rikon bench top machine that has a 1/4" blade on it all the time for the small scroll-type cuts, and a 1 1/4" blade on the Laguna LT18 for the big stuff. I would still love an INCA 3-wheel bandsaw for the in-between stuff if I could find one.

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    Thanks all! I'm convinced. I'm keeping the 9". Somewhere.

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    Yes, keep it! I have an 18" and a 10". Sold an old fully reconditioned (by me) Delta 14" when I got the 18" and later totally regretted it. Bought the old Delta 10' later on. Small blade on 10" and larger on 18", as you would expect. Randy
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    I sold my 14 inch when I got a 20 inch and regret it (except for space problems). I plan to purchase a small bandsaw - smaller than 14 inch - in the future. Changing blades on the 20 inch is a pain. I'd rather leave the resaw blade on the 20 inch and put a small (maybe 3/8 inch) on the small bandsaw.

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    Thanks all! I'm convinced. I'm keeping the 9". Somewhere.
    Flip top carts are the ideal home for tools like this.
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    I never have changed the one inch blade on my FB 610. I have the 10" Rikon for tight cuts and it is mounted on a piece of plywood that fits the top of a cheap plastic cart I purchased for the Rikon. The cart cost about 20 bucks and its plenty sturdy for the small band saw. It's easy to push around and can be stored just about anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisA Edwards View Post
    I have a Laguna 1412 as my only bandsaw. I've been thinking of getting a smaller one just to have one with a thinner blade.

    So I would keep it.
    2nd this. I'm currently shopping for a small one to keep a narrow blade in. I have a 1412 and love it. Changing the blades isn't hard just a PITA.
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    I kept a scrollsaw for several years thinking it would be more useful for general woodworking than it turned out to be.

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    Is it worth trying to upgrade the guides on the 9" grizzly? I thought I had seen someone saying they had upgraded with cool blocks - but for the life of me, I can't find replacement guide holders that will hold that kind of block. (That is, replace the bearings with something that can hold a ceramic or synthetic guide block like the cool blocks).
    Lots of replacements for larger BS.

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    I put the Carter Stabilizer on my 10" Rikon and happy with it.

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