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Thread: Hobbyist Looking for the Planer Truth

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    Hey David, you may also want to look into Oliver. They sell a machine installed with a Byrd and Wixie. Grizzly is the only other machine that has a head with 36 cutters pre installed. The Oliver is under $800.

    I have a cutech, but it’s not a true spiral head like the others but has 26 inserts. Very good machine though for $650.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Seemann View Post
    I've never quite understood the obsession with spiral/helical heads. I know why they get used, but at the same time, I don't understand why they are thought of as "essential" and an "automatic upgrade". I have had straight HSS knives on my 15" Grizzly for 15 years and had no problems despite running thousands of board feet through it. I wouldn't turn a spiral head down if it was a great deal, but I don't see it as essential either.

    I'd rather spend the money on larger and heavier and bigger motor than a spiral/helical head, but I also I have the space and power for it, which I know everyone doesn't.
    Nor I. As a hobbyist I bought a very well used (read rust) Delta 15" planer (came out of a cabinet shop) and rebuilt it over the winter some years back. Was very careful with set up, had existing knives sharpened, worked great and still does. Have changed knives once due to nicks. Have straight knives and happy with it, although changing knives is a pain. Have had it about 6 years now. Randy
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    Ironically this followed me home just this afternoon, so decision made on this one. Kept the blades I recently replaced in the prior 735 and also the new brushes and internal circuit breaker I installed in hopes of mending the old unit.

    Next step is to have the 220 run to the garage/shop so the options are greater the next time. Thanks again for all the advice.

    A wannabe woodworker!

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