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Thread: Turbinaire Hose Fitting - Adaptor?

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    Turbinaire Hose Fitting - Adaptor?

    I finally got a hose for my NOS turbinaire unit. It is a fuji hose with i guess a standard sized fitting. Of course, this hose does not fit on my unit. Does anyone know what type of adaptor I might need? I searched way back on the forum and found someone with my issue but never saw a resolution.

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    You might post pics -- one of the turbine end, and one of the hose end.

    On my Accuride HVLP, the fittings are actually garden hose fittings. The native end of the hose is a screw-on fitting like you have on every garden hose, and the turbine is a quick-disconnect fitting. I've seen that particular quick-disconnect sold in a garden store. There is a 2"-long adapter between the two. That adapter came with the system, but I'm pretty sure you could find one online, or cobble it together from parts you can buy online.

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    thanks guys for chiming in. The turbinaire is not a standard GHT. it is smaller. maybe 5/8 when the hose is a 3/4 thread. i cant find an adaptor that will go 5/8 female to 3/4 male.

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