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Thread: What is your favorite piece of wood furniture you made or own?

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    I honestly cannot identify one particular piece, made or owned, and that's even after touching every one due to our recent move. Each made item was a particular accomplishment, either in style, in technique or in unique material. I'm actually faced with the difficult task of considering where to put some things in the "new" house which has half the square footage and a very different room layout. There is also competition with some items that have been in Professor Dr. SWMBO's family since she was a kid and they originated from Vietnam and Thailand.

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    Mine would probably be my Titanic deck chair. Took about 6 months (with that pesky day job), and I'm now being tortured refinishing it, but it probably has my vote.
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    Mike Soaper, nicely done sir. What a wonderful project. I imagine the internal reward was immense, and well deserved.
    With much respect, Patrick

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    Thanks Patrick, I appreciate that, Mike.

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