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Thread: Festool Domino Joiner DF 500 Delivery Times

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    Festool Domino Joiner DF 500 Delivery Times

    Several people gave me gift cards from Woodcraft for Christmas. I finally ordered a Festool domino (the smaller one) with them week or so ago. The bad news is the rough estimate for shipping from Germany is 24 weeks, could be longer. The good news is that everything I am building this year can be done other ways. The new toy will arrive around Christmas this year. I guess all those people are off the hook for a present this coming year.

    The official reason for the exceptionally long delay is high rates of COVID-19 in Germany. The Festool factory was shut down for some period of time.

    JWKMH and I are vaccinated. The daughters are all halfway there. I shall just be thankful for that.

    Be well. Do good work.

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    Gift cards rub me the wrong way - “here’s some money but you have to use it at this store I choose.”

    My local Festool dealer has Domino’s in stock.

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    I recently took my stimulus money and purchased a 700 XL from Tool Nut. Thought I was going to have to wait until July, but low and behold, it arrived in about 3 weeks.

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    I hope woodcraft’s delivery estimate is wrong.

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    Last December, I bought a Domino 500 from Beaver Industries. I think it took about 3 weeks to arrive.
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    There are a lot of tools right now, including a good chunk of Festool's line, that are in short supply and have long lead times. Being locked to a particular retailer because of the gift cards means delivery time will be further influenced by what that vendor gets from the manufacturer and how many others are waiting in front of you as you can't jump ship if another vendor suddenly has available inventory. That's just reality, unfortunately.

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    Yeah, speaking to the people at my local Woodcraft, delivery times on Festool, Laguna, and most big and small tools is off the charts now. Festool's website said August for a TS75 track saw.

    This has got to be rough for retailers not being able to sell these items. Much less consumers who can't get them. Nothing great about a pandemic. Hopefully, closing down the factories for a time saved some lives, albeit at a huge financial and human cost.
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    FWIW the TS75 is being phased out , replaced , updated - not sure of the exact nature. But , add that with the already stained supply chain issues FT is having.

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    Lo and behold, I got a text saying my DF 500 domino joiner has come in. This is pretty fast considering the worldwide supply chain problems.

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