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Thread: Surface cleaning moldy wood

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    Surface cleaning moldy wood

    I have this barrel top that I'd like to clean up for a project. Wood guy that I got it from said to just use water and a wire brush but I'd like to take better care of it than that. The white specs aren't actually there; picture anomaly or something. What kind of cleaner would go well with a nylon brush to clean things up here?
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    Mix your own cleaner
    1 gallon of water.
    1/3 cup of TSP
    1/4 cup of Clorox

    Brush it on - let it sit 15 minutes - rinse it off - repeat as desired.
    Mild scrubbing may also be used - again - as desired to keep the appearance even.

    That should stop further development and clean the surface - and - leave the "patina" - while not ding any damage to the wood.
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    Oxiclean will get rid of the mildew and clean the rest of it.

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    Wet and Forget the mold, algae, moss obliterator of all things black and green here in the pacific NW rain forest. They also make an indoor Wet and Forget for showers now. But it takes time this is not a quick approach.

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