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Thread: Hammer Purchase Confusion

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    Picked up my J/P from delaware which is only 80 miles from me 3 years ago. I paid via CC, with no extra charge. Setup was nothing on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Loza View Post
    Bryan, that doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. People can call the toll free Felder phone number literally any time during normal business hours and reach a live human being. Even if your actual rep is not available, you will be routed to someone who can take your call. In fact, I took a sales call for my Dallas rep yesterday because it was urgent and he was in the showroom or something. Trust me: Nobody on our side takes sales calls casually.

    Not sure what to tell you Erik. I called twice, middle of the day. Both times it went straight to voicemail. I've only got one number and it's always rang back to a specific person. I called a rep for another company, after a quick chat they told me they would look for other owners in my area with their tools. (I tried this with Hammer as well, but there was apparently no-one in the area) They called me back in an hour with the name and number of someone 30 minutes away. I went and looked at the machines they had, and decided to move forward. Their wait times were the same as yours but the shipping, including lift gate services was free which saved me $1100 off of the quoted Hammer shipping costs.

    Again, thanks for chiming in. Sounds like there is some confusion with these purchases at times. I just decided to go a route that was a little more straight forward and comfortable to me.

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    OK, the last thing I want to do is get into a tit-for-tat thing on the internet but I actually DM'ed the rep the OP was working with, since none of this made any sense to me. Here is what I can share:

    Any customer dealing that area rep (who has been with Felder a LONG time and has many happy customers) has their cell number. Perhaps it is that calls went to VM a couple of times but the same thing happens if a customer calls my cell and I happen to already be on the phone, in a customer's shop, etc. My expectation is that customers leave a voice mail and I'll call them back as soon as I can. I believe this is reasonable and in my experience, if someone is truly interested in what you are offering, they will hang tight for you to call back.

    Just to reiterate, there is NEVER a situation with Felder USA where someone who truly is interested in a machine "doesn't get a call back". We (reps) take our business too seriously and management would never let it slide. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Felder USA has the best sales team for standard machines in the country and I feel pretty experienced in making that claim. So, if someone just doesn't like what we have to offer and chooses to go a different direction, that's certainly their choice, but for everyone else, we take your business more seriously than pretty much anyone. I hope this makes sense.

    Felder USA Territory Representative: Central & South Texas

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    This was never an attack on hammer/felder or any rep, I was just inquiring about the process from other buyers since it was confusing/abnormal to me.

    As I said before, it just seems like there was some confusion. Based on the other peoples comments in this thread, it doesn't seem like that confusion is all that uncommon. As such, I simply decided to go a different route. I'm sure you all have a great sales team and make great machines. The rep I talked to was very friendly, it's the processes around the purchase, delivery, and setup of the machine that weren't. I just decided to go with a machine that I was able to see, was easier to purchase, and saved me $1100 on shipping. That's all, it's nothing personal.

    I went ahead and gave the rep a call just now and was able to reach them. There's zero bad blood between us and they completely understood the confusion and decision.

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    No offense taken, Bryan. Just to clarify for the rest of the group how ordering works with Felder USA, the customer has two options: A few machines are available through the E-shop and can be ordered directly, without interacting with a sales rep. In those cases, the customer will be paying 100% of the balance at the time of the transaction. The other, more traditional method, is to work with a sales rep. In those cases, if the machine is not in stock, the customer will pay a deposit of somewhere between 10%-20% to reserve their machine, with the balance being due when that machine leaves the factory for the US. Deposits are typically placed by credit card and we encourage customers to pay the balance by E-check, though we can accept CC with an additional percentage. A few other key points:

    Every are of the US has a dedicated sales rep. Some reps cover multiple states while some, like me, handle pretty specific areas. In any event you will most likely have the cell # of your area rep. We all communicate with our customers by text as well as mobile call and email. Most reps also have a dedicated office line that you can reach by dialing the toll free number on the bottom of the website. In any case, customers should be able to reach their appropriate rep at any time. In the case that a rep is traveling, on vacation, etc., there is always a live human being at Felder USA's toll free number who will pick up the phone and get you to a rep who can answer your questions, write a quote, take an order, etc.

    Regarding referrals, that is challenging in the time of Covid. I can't speak for any other reps but many of my hobby customers are reluctant to have guests in their garages and pro shops all have specific protocols in place about visitors. This being said, there are ABUNDANT videos on Youtube for pretty much any Hammer or Felder machine you can imagine. In fact, I routinely send out emails with 3-4 YT links per machine. So, "Yeah", it's awesome to see the machinery in person but we can get you next-best without too much effort.

    Just to recap, Felder USA is ready and standing by to help customers out. We are as responsive as you need us to be and have many tools available to get you as much info as humanly possible about our machinery. Our reps have all been doing this a long time and we have, in my opinion, the best after-sale support in the industry. To the OP, I'm glad you found something you liked and best of luck with that experience.

    Felder USA Territory Representative: Central & South Texas

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    I emailed the Felder guys. Got a few calls and was also emailed several times. Was just in the research phase and didn't buy anything. I've been in sales most of my life, and stuff does fall through the cracks and nobody is perfect.

    Email is often best for a lot of sales people. There's so many junk calls and VM to sort though at times, it can be tough.

    It sounds like the OP was turned off by Hammer, and if you really don't want to do something, you'll find a way to buy from somebody else.

    As far as sales approach, the Felder/Hammer guys seemed more aggressive. Which doesn't bother me because sales is sales. But now when stuff is backordered 9 months, there's more customers that there is equipment. I don't like the pay 3x times more to get somebody to your house approach as the OP mentioned with trying to upsell services.

    But at the end of it all, the machine is the machine. You could have a iffy sales experience and get an awesome machine, or super pleasant and all smiles with your sales person, then you get the machine with some problems.

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    I had a great experience with Felder USA on my recent Hammer A3-41 purchase. From talking to Erik here on this board, to the local sales rep, to the local techs here (I'm very close to the Delaware warehouse / distribution point) - it was pretty darn smooth. COVID crap aside, they were responsive and helpful, sorry your guy seems weird OP.

    FWIW - I had the commissioning done on my A3-41 (it was waaaaay out, which I gather is unusual for this machine, and it took the tech 4 hours to dial it in - it was that far out). I paid the extra cash, well worth it in the end. The reps got back to me pretty quick when I asked for the service after the machine arrived and I had declined that service when I bought the machine initially. Didn't matter to them, they were great, returned calls and emails, and set me up - all this with the COVID crap making the office lines a mess. I now have the personal cells of the tech, the sales rep, and some other folks at the main Delaware office. Can't get better service than that. If I can afford another Felder going forward, they're my first call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Hall View Post
    Just wondering about anyones recent purchase experience with Hammer? I'm excited about their tools, but they seem to throw up a barrier at every turn.

    The long wait times I understand, it's covid. The lack of delivery service, is a bit troubling, but I'm trying to work with it. The recommendation of a $1000 installation setup fee by their technicians caught me off guard, and feels ominous with them saying the price triples if I try to set it up myself and fail. Today I was ready to pull the trigger, but then they told me they charge a 6% credit card fee and can only charge 20% of the purchase at a time, and would need to run my card 5 times. Apparently this is to protect them from people receiving machines and then disputing the charges on their card???

    Is this normal? I'm just dumbfounded about a major company having so many hiccups to getting the machine paid for, delivered, and running properly...
    When I purchased a Hammer A3-31 I didn't run into the CC charges you posted but I was a bit taken aback by the fact the JP might have to be setup after it arrived. Had they quoted me $1000 for setup or pay triple if I tried to do it and failed, I probably would have walked.

    But trying to get the info on how to setup the JP was like pulling teeth. Somewhere along the line I remembered someone saying Felder/Hammer tools are target toward the professional. But then I had to ask, "Why do they market it to non-professionals?"

    IIRC, I was charges a small CC fee but for the final payment I provided bank info and no fees were applied. But in the end, I'm very happy with the A3-31. I got the Silent Power head and it has been put through its paces without any problems. And I have fed it some really tough woods.
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    I had a wonderful experience a few years ago with Felder, and my rep (Juan Carlos). I had to delay delivery multiple times due to construction delays on my workshop, and they were more than understanding. In fact, my machines sat in a warehouse for over a year. At one point I told them to sell mine and reorder for me. Now this was pre-Covid, so a different world, but I actually flew to Delaware to see the machines (and many others). The rep actually took me out to lunch and we shot the breeze before my trip back.

    So personally, I have nothing but great things to say about Felder, my rep, and most importantly my machines.

    I can't imagine what it's like now in our Covid world trying to get machines. I'm stunned when I hear the delivery times. And I watched a very nice customer in a local store purchase a Festool Domino, but the store had no correct size dominos in stock for his machine/bit, and no useful bit sizes for him. Wasn't the store's fault, the retail associate tried his best to find what he could for him, but in the end this guy bought an expensive tool that he won't be able to use for months.
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    I canít imagine a better experience than the ones Iíve had with Felder.

    I purchased a Hammer A3-31 and a FB510 and start to finish it was an amazing experience. I had a baby and sold both

    But now I have a N4400 and K700 on order and same amazing experience as the first time around.

    CC deposit and wire transfer when ready to ship. Easy peasy.

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    Just thought I'd chime in that Erik was my sales rep for my A3-41 purchase last year and everything was great. Of course there were COVID delays but crap happens and I'm a hobbiest so it didn't ruin anything for me to have a wait a bit longer. Erik was really proactive on letting me know schedule updates whenever he had them. I live in a residential neighborhood with a shop in my back yard and liftgate service dropped it in my garage because it wouldn't fit through my gate, otherwise the guy would have taken it all the way down the sidewalk to the shop.

    When I'm back in the market for a slider or bandsaw I'll be looking at them first.

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    Is it common for companies to charge 6% to use a credit card? I don't think I've run into that before.

    And did I hear that right? Felder will charge $3000 for an installation visit if you forgo the setup charge at time of purchase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clifford McGuire View Post
    Is it common for companies to charge 6% to use a credit card? I don't think I've run into that before. And did I hear that right? Felder will charge $3000 for an installation visit if you forgo the setup charge at time of purchase?
    Clifford, it appears that some misinformation was attributed to us earlier in this thread and I'd like to set the record straight:

    -We have never charged any customer 6% for a CC transaction. In fact, I couldn't believe that when I read it, so asked our Accounting Manager point-blank. In her words, "We have never charged anyone 6% for using their card".

    Regarding commissioning or calibration (I try to avoid using the term "installation" because that could imply that Felder is responsible for putting a customer's machine in place, which is not the case), there is a fixed fee per machine that we use. It is voluntary. Every Felder customer must check yes or no on their quote prior to the order being finalized by their rep. Some machines, in my experience (any Hammer machine and most smaller Felders except full combos) really don't need it. Whatever adjustments might be required can generally be done by the customer with support from our techs. That being said, if you have seen the rates we charge, then you would agree that we actually lose money on every calibration job. For example, the national (non-local) calibration cost on an A3-41 is something like $1,100. Now think about that for a moment. Suppose we have to fly a tech from Delaware to someplace like a rural part of the Midwest. That's a three-day trip between airfare, car rentals, hotel, and drive time. For comparison's sake, I wonder what an electrician or plumber would ask if you wanted them to come out for a three-day trip? You get my point. So, I want to be clear that when we ask you if you want installation, it's not to make money off you. It's because Felder's priority is that you have the best experience possible with your machine. Furthermore, Felder is the only company in this industry who even offers a service like this and I think that is worth something, too. Hope this helps clarify,

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