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Thread: Moving a 1600lbs machine?

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    I had pretty much the same situation with my A3 31. I live at the end of a cul de sac so the semi couldn't deliver. And my shop is 90 feet behind the house. I hired riggers to pick the Hammer up at the shipping terminal and they delivered it to the shop. After watching how they handled it I was glad I didn't try to wrestle with it myself. Cost a couple hundred if I remember correctly and would do it again. With what the machine cost it wasn't that much more to assure the machine got into the shop in one piece and no one (especially me) was hurt. I believe my Hammer salesperson arranged for the riggers.

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    I hired riggers for a 1600# wide belt. Glad I did. They also delivered the large bandsaw, jointer, and planer. They picked it up from the terminal and brought them into the shop with a forklife.

    Money well spent.
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    If you can pick it up from the freight terminal and they’ll load a trailer at ground level, rent a drop deck trailer like this:

    the deck hydraulically lowers flat and parallel to the ground. Then you can move it with a pallet jack. Use plywood to lay a road across any soft ground. Another useful rental is a set of rol-a-lifts:

    they make handling the load a bit easier than a pallet jack as you strap them to both sides of the pallet and they have swivel casters so more maneuverable and wider base of support. They are good for 3 tons.

    I used both to recently move several pieces of equipment into a walkout basement. Made it easy and drama-free.


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