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Thread: Drilling clean holes

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    Quote Originally Posted by John K Jordan View Post
    I use a laser for precise alignment on the milling machine and sometimes the drill press:

    But such precision on an herb stripper makes no sense to me.

    Those with painfully sensitive sense of linear misalignment might consider a more organic layout. This one also has a flat edge they claim is useful for scraping the herbs off the work surface into the bowl.

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    +1 I use this one on my cnc router. Very fine point.

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    Very sharp, lipped brad-points and a backer board tight to the surface where the drill will exit from the workpiece.

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    Drilling holes at a set speed regardless of the bit size or material type is one of the more often seen mistakes. Your small holes can all be drilled at a fairly fast speed. Too slow will increase the raggedness of smaller holes. For you exit wounds, as mentioned, a well clamped backer board will assure a clean exit. Although they may be overkill for this project I run lipped brad point bits for my furniture work. Nice clean holes.
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