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Thread: Paint stripper question

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    Paint stripper question

    I bought some Jasco paint remover that does not work. It’s the new non Methylene Chloride formula. Is it possible to buy Methylene Chloride separately and add it to this stripper to emulate the old formula? Thanks!

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    Even if you can get it, no way would you want to add it to something already formulated. There could be a nasty reaction. Most likely, they didn't just take the Methylene Chloride out...they made a whole new product using a different set of components.

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    One thing that may help is to apply it generously then cover with a cheap plastic drop cloth and leave it over night.
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    This is one area where I personally feel it’s best left to professionals that specialize in stripping and have access to commercial-level chemicals. I can appreciate wanting to go the DIY route and have done that myself in the past. However, paying a reputable furniture stripper/refinisher is worth every dime in my book.
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    Well, I may have to try formulating my own paint stripper. This new formula doesn’t work.
    I do not like stripping paint, that’s why I like the methylene chloride formula. It’s fast and I can be done in an hour. The new formula take multiple applications.

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