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Thread: HeatLok glue / Veneering

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    Oops! Neglected the thickness . I think you could go up to 1/16th without clamps if the veneer is flat...not all bubbled up. I do remember
    that if the veneer is close to a 1/8th it’s often called a “facing “. I’m guessing that today’s thin veneer would be pretty easy to “hammer”.
    And with today’s plastic grocery bags ,you could use that between two pieces of same size and put a few spring clamps around the perimeter.

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    There's an interesting video of a guy flattening veneer with hide glue with clamps and plastic wrap over a few days. After the veneer is flattened, he then hammers it on to the drawer face.

    I've now seen two main ideas:

    - using a clothing iron for heat
    - using a hot air blower (shop type) for heat

    As with most things, there's apparently different methods for different people.

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    In a large shop providing furniture for several branch retail stores , the wood parts would be warmed on thick sheet steel resting on gang
    radiators. Crock Pot electric cooking pots are a lot like electric glue pots and are a lot cheaper.

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