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Thread: 3d scan of a plaster of paris rooster

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    3d scan of a plaster of paris rooster

    to 3d scan a large object to prepare it for a 3d print (generate a gcode) and
    possibly generate a tool path for a cnc cut out rooster 3d scan
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    What used to be so hard is getting easier. Sometime in the 90's I bought a Faro 3D digitizer, basically a pointer on an articulated arm. Creating a 3D model required positioning the pointer on the object and pressing a button to record a single x,y,z coordinate. I put a dot on each place I wanted to digitize before starting. A simple object could require 100s of points; one like your rooster would need many thousands - impractical! It was more practical when digitizing for parametric modeling.

    I attended the SIGGRAPH conference every year till I retired in '06 and watched the technology get better and better with lasers and cameras but scanning (and printing) remained way too expensive for a hobbyist. For the longest time most of the development for I saw for printing was with stereolithography and laser sintering.

    For personal printing I think things really took off for hobbyists after the FDM patents expired. Fortunately, the software has kept pace with the hardware. I finally broke down and bought a Prusa this winter.


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    it all started in around 2007 when these machines were becoming affordable and smaller shops were able to afford cnc /laser/plasma
    I have always had an interest in computers way back with the radio shack colour computer then onwards or upwards.
    Now its computers and machines 2d-- 3d etc and now have the ability to produce the required files
    you got to just love it

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    For fun stuff there are a lot of nice solutions coming onto the market. The new iphone has a scanner built in. For accuracy, you still need to spend the coin on the scanner and software. Modelling with millions of points is a whole different ball game. The typical 3D solid modeling software is not well equipped for that amount of data. Good job stan.

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    thanks , i am getting qualified on the scanner so i can serious and print or machine something, have my eye on some art on a large wood block

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