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Thread: Drill press dust collection thoughts?

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    Drill press dust collection thoughts?

    I'm about to build a new drill press table for my standing drill press. I was going to build something similar to the newer woodsmith table. My question to you who know, What is the best dust collection system at the drill press? Downdraft? In fence? That overarm thing? a combination of them? is it worth the effort to make a combination of them? What are your experiences?

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    I have had a couple of homemade goes at this and recently bought the new Woodpeckers drill press fence. I already had their early version of the drill press table and fence, but that fence had no dust/chip collection.

    For me, the new fence design has been the best chip and sawdust collector for my drill press.

    I would look at this and follow this design, or buy the Woodpeckers Fence.

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    I've never seen the need for dust collection built into a drill press. Whatever is built, it has to work with huge curls off forstner bits and that is tough to get to a nozzle. I also drill steel on my drill press, so don't want warm to hot steel chips getting sucked into my dust collector.

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    Split fence faces to allow collection at the fence along with a Stay-Put hose has worked for me for many years. The fence collects the small stuff in thin stock. The hose can be positioned for tall, odd-shape or large spoil creating operations. the same hose works over table or slips on the fence port for me; one operation or the other.

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    Will second this. After many years and multiple drill press tables I immediately ordered the new Woodpecker fence setup when I saw the promo video as it was the best solution I have seen. It works great for me.

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    I found the only thing that works for everything is a repositionable 4+" hose connected to a real dust collector. I guess it's the brute force approach. The problem with trying to use a specific approach like through the fence or table is that you never know where the drilling will take place in relation to the two. I'm often doing large batches with the drill press and cleaning up between every hole can quickly become the most time consuming part of the job, so catching absolutely all the chips becomes paramount to efficiency.

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    I had the Rockler Fence with the dust collection port. It doesn't work! Too often, the drill is too far from the fence for the collection to effectively work. Under table collection is useless if you're not drilling thru holes. (Think boring for cup hinges) I have finally placed a dedicated 4" hose that is the "Stay Put" brand near the DP. I just extend, bend, contract or otherwise adjust it to meet the needs of my current drilling task.

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    I would think a tee attached concentric to the quill. But it needs a spring loaded lower section or brush so you can get the chuck key in. mounting similar to a mortising attachment.
    Of course a bit will often be too long or too short to work well.
    Bill D

    Something similar to this link.
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    I have my festool hose hanging right there. I also have dust pan right below. Big mess gets dust pan, small mess gets extractor. I have been eying the woodpecker pro fence, but it hasnt made it to the top of the list yet

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    Glenn, Johnny and Lisa are dead on as to the best way to extract shavings and dust. It takes a great deal of airflow to move large entangled drill turnings. Being able to readily position a 4in suction close to the work has worked well for me. Sometimes to increase and concentrate air velocity I have partially closed the opening with tape.

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    DC on a drill press is simply to keep the area clean. I gave up on it, I just sweep them off and vacuum it up later. Very little to no dangerous dust is created.

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    I do a bit of everything on my drill press including sanding. I have a 4" pipe with a swivel on it. I use a bell mouth hood on the end and works very well.

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    Check out the Drillnado. I bought one for my drill press. Unfortunately, because of the position of my depth gauge, I was unable to install it on my drill press. But it is designed to fit most drill presses and when I saw it demonstrated at a trade show, it seemed to work very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Frank View Post
    I do a bit of everything on my drill press including sanding. I have a 4" pipe with a swivel on it. I use a bell mouth hood on the end and works very well.
    Any chance you could post a picture or two of your set up?

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    I'd put in a floor sweep and a flex tube along with two cutoffs or stops. That way, run the flex tube to pick up what it can and then switch to the floor sweep to take care of what it missed. I really like my floor sweep.

    Me? I just drill and let it go where ever it wants. Then I use a broom and push it over to the floor sweep.

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