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Thread: Router for a beginner - EU versions

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    Router for a beginner - EU versions

    I'm getting my first router.

    I got everything from DeWalt (table saw, drill, impact driver, sander) and I love DeWalt.

    I have two options - a 1650W Makita (RP1081FX) or 1400W DeWalt 622K.

    I'm team yellow usually, but this Makita is 40$ cheaper here in eu and 250W stronger. Would you recommend me going stronger router right away?

    As I can see it, I can put stronger one under a table and use it free hand. I can do same thing with the weaker one as well. As a beginner, which would you recommend me?

    I will do things a beginner woodworker would do. Simple cabinets, coffee tables, cutting boards, table lamps, wall clocks, bird houses. A plan is even a wooden PC case

    Please note that I don't have a planer yet, so for some stuff in the beginning I plan to use router with a jig as my planer.

    Go big or go small? Both brands are quite good quality vise. Would 1400w version (or even weaker) suffice?

    Thank you for reading and replies!
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    The DeWalt has the dust extraction method pioneered by Elu several decades ago. It is the best one I've ever encountered. The dust gets sucked out, but you can still see the bit.

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    As a side note, be careful with the mindset that you'll get one good router and be set. You'll probably end up wanting a pair of routers. One larger traditional router, and one small compact cordless router. I use my Milwaukee compact cordless router for things like trimming laminate or cutting splines. There are some small jobs where trying to use a two handed 2-1/4 hp router would be scary.

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    I've several routers but I seem to always reach for my vintage 750w Elu 3304. Unless you're mounting in a router table, slabbing jig or a mortiser I'd say you'd want something that feels the most comfortable to work with. Doesn't need to be all that large.

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    Start with bird houses while the birds are in the mood for romance. It'll give you practice with inexpensive wood and nobody will notice minor defects.

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