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Thread: Where to get balsa near San Diego?

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    Where to get balsa near San Diego?

    I said I'd help a friend glue up a balsa blank for a new big wave board. He went to the only place in San Diego that has it, Frost Hardwood, and brought back awful, twisted 4x6 pieces, terrible material!

    Where else could we maybe order this from? He could also drive a few hours to get it.

    I think this might be almost hopeless due to material supply issues these days but I hope someone has some ideas!

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    That's a tough ask. I looked, and never found any place.

    You could call Tropical Exotic Hardwoods up in Carlsbad, and see if they can import some, but I haven't known them to stock any, and I'm sure they get calls from every shaper at least once because of their connections in Central America. You could call Gary Linden (he is well known for shaping balsa guns) and ask if he'll disclose his source or let you piggyback on his next order, or see if anyone on Swaylocks has some stock they'll part with. I know some hobbyist shapers are bringing back blanks from Indonesia and Central America, but that's onesy-twosey for personal use, not commercial sale.

    Same with paulownia, at least in my experience. Hopefully you'll have better luck, and if so, post up here!

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    Aircraft Spruce in Corona? They show 2x2x36, and can order other sizes.

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    I was going to suggest the same as Ed tropical and exotic woods in Carl’s bad. If you go there A word of caution leave your credit cards at home. Have a budget and stick to it.
    If you have a weakness for wood like me.
    Good Luck

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    This looks promising. They offer lumber specifically for surfboards.

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    This isn't close to you, but Austin Hardwood in Santa Ana used to carry Balsa. I noticed it when roaming the aisles a few years ago but haven't looked in a while. You might give them a call.

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    You can try Specialized Balsa Wood, LLC. I ordered a box of scraps from them years ago and the quality was pretty good. They sell 4x6 blocks 48" long. They are not cheap.

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