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Thread: Harvey G-700 - Unpacking, etc Review

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    Better yet, just imagine the machine out after letting it run without collection is a thankless task!
    So, Sam and I were doing one of the big shows once (Vegas?) and hanging out by one of the sliding panel saws. It was a quiet moment, we were just chatting. For whatever reason, the setup crew put power to this particular machine but no dust. Some random SCM dealer was, I guess, talking to his customer and decided to demo a cut. I remember hearing the machine fire up and then getting sprayed with sawdust from the waist down. Nice, real nice.

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    I can only imagine, Erik.

    I don't remember any of the machines actually running during that show I helped out in the MiniMax booth a number of years ago...I think some were hooked up, but I don't actually recall any being turned on while I was there.

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