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Thread: new laguna toys

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    new laguna toys

    new lineup of planers and jointers. Seems like they're more slim designed Euro style

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    The planers look like a 4 post planer with skins on it. They even say it's a 4 post planer in the description. As for the 8" jointer I don't see much value in the roller on the infeed side. If jointing the face on a board that's bowed once the end of the board gets to the roller it'll just drop down. A much better idea would be a fold down table. What they are selling is a 6' jointer with a roller for the same price as the 7' jointers you can buy. I'll wait until I hear some reviews but I don't see them being a game changer. It seems like different brands are trying to make cosmetic changes to separate them from the rest of the brands.

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    Adjustable feet on those machines seem a bit spindly.

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    Looks a little thin to me also.

    Do the infeed and outfeed rollers adjust outwards. If not, they're really mostly for show.

    I'm with Alex on this one.
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