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Thread: Flare-ups from Honeycomb seams

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    Flare-ups from Honeycomb seams

    I am new to lasering, still shopping for a large format laser. Those of you experienced in wood cutting with larger laser tables..... how big of an issue is the flare-ups between honeycomb seams? We are not sure if we should be ordering a custom single 10' honeycomb piece or if there are some work-arounds patchworking the smaller pieces, removing half of the frame? And maybe the flare-ups aren't that bad anyway? We'll probably have to do some sanding anyways...right? Thanks! -Nellie

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    Flare ups haven't been a problem for me. I do wash my honeycomb table every now and then.Take it out spray it down with Purple clean and hose it off.
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    The flareups are caused by the residue left behind from whatever you've been cutting...

    What works for me to clean the table is a propane torch with wide-flare tip. Just turn on blower and go. Takes about 20 minutes to burn the guck off the main working area of my 1300x900 table
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    Low-tack transfer tape on the bottom side: the flare-ups don't go through it, or if they do, not strong enough to mark the wood.

    That said, it's not nearly the problem with wood that it is with acrylic, since it will usually get sanded/finished anyway.
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    You can buy acrylic grids.
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