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Thread: Great Customer Service from US Router

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    Great Customer Service from US Router

    I purchased a 30 key KRS "dedicated" USB keypad configured for a CAMaster Stinger III X3. It came last week and the computer wouldn't recognize it. The keys worked but not as control keys. I tried several things and watched the video several times with no success. I had reached out to Joey and fully figured it was my error that was the issue. He said it might not have the correct firmware and he would send out another keypad. It arrived today and as soon as I unboxed it I knew it was different. There was a sticker on the back identifying the firmware and configuration. I plugged it in and it was plug and play!!! Everything worked like it needed too. If you are in the market for a keypad try US Router as this keypad can be used for other machines besides CAMaster. Buy with confidence from them.

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    I was very glad to see your comments this morning that you were taken care's good you now have a keypad that's working correctly. You may still want to explore the configuration application from KRS because with the 30 key unit you have a lot more potential functions available than with the 20 key like I have. So if you find certain things being frequently used in your work that don't already have a dedicated can add them to any available key position.

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