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Thread: Get by with a little help from your friends...

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    Get by with a little help from your friends...

    I prefer the Joe Cocker version but the Beatles did ok with it too. Was talking with a friend last week and told him Iím building a proper woodworking bench and showed him the BC Classic Leg Vise I picked up on Classifieds a couple weeks ago. I told him I was in the hunt for an end vise. He dropped by yesterday and gave me this 52 1/2. Problem solved quite nicely I think. Any comments on this unit would be much appreciated.
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    Good Friend! I have that vise on my bench and it has served me well. I buried the fixed jaw in the bench top and lined the movable jaw with a big, thick chop lined with rubberized cork. I love the quick release. I'm sure it will serve you nicely as well.
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    You have a good friend there, indeed!

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    I have that vise. I think it cost me $125. It works pretty well. Be aware it can rack and get damaged if you arent careful.

    There is a common flaw with them (perhaps caused by racking?) that is easily corrected a couple different ways. You might look yours over and do some preventative maintenance while you have it un-installed. I've linked to two different threads that discuss the flaw and the fix. Here are the links:


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    That's the one. Put it on. Mine is a Taiwanese copy of the Record, but it works well. I too have generous, thick, wide chops front and rear, but lately I've been noticing I get some slipping, so I think I'm going to use some of the suede left over from my Moxon vise to line at least the front chop.

    Regarding racking, yes, this vise will rack if you put a board on one side of it. This is easily handled by using a low-tech spacer! Just take a small sample of wood the same thickness, squeeze a small hand clamp around it, and set it into the other side of the vise. The clamp will keep the spacer from falling through the vise when you open it.

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    The bench I built many years ago for my son with a proper Record vise: its still in service to this day.

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