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Thread: Forum Search Issues - Unisaw Belt Tension Produces No Matches/Results

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    Forum Search Issues - Unisaw Belt Tension Produces No Matches/Results

    Hey folks

    I am trying to find info about belt tension for Delta Unisaw. I type in unisaw belt tension, tablesaw belt tension, unisaw belt adjustment and there are no matches. How is that possible?
    Not trying to slag the Creek, it's a great resource, but am I searching incorrectly? Can it be that no one has ever discussed belt tension on this forum before?

    Delta recommends 1/4'' deflection in the belt, with light finger pressure at the midpoint of the belt length. Is that pressure in towards the pulleys, or out. Because there is more give when you push in, than away from pulleys. Delta doesn't specify. Also, I had to take the belts off, but not replace them. Does it matter if they go back on exactly how they were, ie. the natural shape of the belt when it comes off, should be sure to maintain that orientation when I put them back on?

    I ask because I did not do this, and I did not keep track of the 'belt shape', adjusted the tension so I could push it in a 1/4'' in towards the pulley. And now when I rotate the blade by hand, it does not spin as freely as I remember. I could have been too loose before, I don't know. Also, it seems to spin freer at different points of the rotation, which is why I asked about belt orientation. My shop temperature is likely around 5-8 celsius right now as well, so the belt's may be a bit rigid.

    Any tips, or things to consider when adjusting belts in this temp would be appreciated. Cheers

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    The SMC search function leaves a lot to be desired. Open another tab and use google for the same search it will find SMC posts that are relevant.
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    Try this:

    Unisaw Belt Tension
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