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Thread: Avid CNC leg Kit

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    Avid CNC leg Kit

    Hello All

    Just pricing out the leg kit and trying to save a few bucks and maybe make my own legs for a 48 Pro. Can someone confirm the leg size for me? I finding that they are made from the 40mmX80mm 80/20 material which is real close to 1.57 " X 3.14 inch. Thanks

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    Yes, I just measured mine and you are right. 1.573 X 3.13 with a quick measure this morning.
    I have the pro 48 X 48
    ULS 4.60, Vision 810, shear, beveler
    Avid Pro CNC

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    Good luck on trying to beat Avids prices, especially if you are trying to get 80/20. You will pay more getting it yourself.

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    Thanks for the help. I priced some out and it seem to be a few hundred cheaper.

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