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Thread: Space saving planner?

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    Space saving planner?

    Arrrg! I sold my PM15” planner & 8” jointer back in 2013 to make room for a new CNC router in my small, crowded 2-car garage shop. I no longer build “furniture” but sorely miss being able to accurately size rough lumber. Fast forward to 2021... I would like to find a good quality bench-top/portable planner that is snipe free and has the smallest foot print possible. The DW735 gets good reviews but the DW734 looks to have a smaller footprint. Price is a consideration but compact is the main concern. What would you choose? Are there better options?
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    I don't think you will find a better compact option than a DW735. I really loved mine, and you can't beat it for the size. Its one of those universally liked tools.

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    I have a dw 734 and I'm happy with it. I found this article to be helpful in comparing the dw734 and 735

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    I have the older DW733 with the 2 sharpenable blades. I made a jig to let me sharpen them and I have a spare set. It takes about 20 minutes to change them out but with the alignment tool provided it's easy to get them aligned. I prefer being able to sharpen at no cost any time.

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