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Thread: Weather radio?

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    Weather radio?

    Anyone have a weather radio, one of those that supports the “SAME” codes for by location warning? My old Radio Shack receiver seems to have given up the ghost. If you have such a receiver, likes? Dislikes, if any?
    thanks in advance!

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    C. Crane, a California company manufactures weather radios, and other portable old school radios to exacting specifications. They are not cheap.

    My assumption is that they are imported, but honestly I do not know. I do know that they receive stations that my car radio and home radio will not receive, all from a portable battery operated hand held unit.


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    All of my Garmin Rhinos have weather radio in them. They might be Rinos, I don't read that part of the device with any regularity. Pocket GPS devices with 2 way radio (GRMS?), handy little buggers. IIRC the $100-150 models have a 1 watt 2way radio, the $400-500 ones have a higher wattage 2 way radio.

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    We have a Midland that works very well. Don't know the model number, but it has never failed us yet. Our local TV station weather reporters got some sort of grant to give out to local residents after our area was hit with 2 devastating tornadoes in the same month in 2017. They even programmed them when you went to pick them up. Our county manager received some for our county also, so all residence would/could have one if wanted.

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    I got one from the local TV station a few years ago. I got tired of it going off in the middle of the night telling me it was going to rain or snow. We have storm sirens that work very well where I live so we took the weather radio to Goodwill.
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    We have a midland WR-300; it's probably an older model now. Works fine. Can be programmed using SAME codes. We have it set to alert on our county and the appropriate surrounding counties. I have no gripes with the radio, but do sometimes question how/when the weather service sends alerts. As Rob said, it sometimes seems to alert for rather mild warnings. But that's not an issue with the radio, but rather how the service classifies warnings.
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    Power company furnishes us a Midland. It's both a weather radio and warning system for nuclear plant. Because of where we live ( at the corner of three counties,) we have to program it for all three. Get a lot of warnings about thunder storms fifty+ miles from our location, Local TV stations, thru phone app, can warn based upon street address. Apps are free.

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    Just for reference-

    NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies:

    WX1 -- 162.550
    WX2 -- 162.400
    WX3 -- 162.475
    WX4 -- 162.425
    WX5 -- 162.450
    WX6 -- 162.500
    WX7 -- 162.525

    -These frequencies are within the inclusive Marine radio range between 156mhz and 174mhz... Most 'civilian' marine radio's channels operate between 156.05mhz and 162.025 mhz, and most if not all include the weather channels...
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