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Thread: vintage Craftsman table saw upgrade

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    I don't think anyone has suggested this - and it's free. Remove the belt from the motor and turn the motor on. If there's still vibration it's either the motor or pulley. If no vibration, put the belt back on, remove the blade nut and washer. Turn it on. If no vibration it's the blade nut or washer. It there' still vibration it's probably bearings or arbor. Some of the pulleys on contractors saws aren't the best quality and can be out of balance. I had to replace a pulley on a drill press and ordered a machined cast iron pulley from Amazon. Replacing the stepped cast pulley with a single sheave machined pulley made a HUGE difference in the level of vibration. I was replacing the original 5 step pulley with a 3 phase motor and VFD so still (continuous) variable speed.

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    Lee, again thanks for your experienced advice! I plan on using the RAS for cross cuts predominately and possibly angled cuts.

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    Lisa, Thanksfor the recommendation. To confirm, with this brand of fence system there is no need to make additional holes into the table sides of the Craftsman 10" contractors table saw model no. 113?

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    Curt, thanks for the advice. Please explain further about the pulleys you've updated. What is a single sheave pulley? I found a tool site, in-line Industries that sells after market pulleys, along with
    amazon. I want to make sure I buy the appropriate replacements. I also don't know what a 5 step pully is?
    I have the original motor and will upgrade if the bearings are deteriorating? What is a VFD? I didn't realize there are variable speed motors for table saws.
    Your feedback would be appreciated.

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    Mark, with the VSCT fence you build your own rails and they can mount wherever the old fence mounted.

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