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Thread: Stereo jack?

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    Stereo jack?

    I’m building a bass with an active EMG P-J pickup set. Just noticed that the jack that comes with the pickup set is a stereo jack. Is a stereo plug required for this jack, or does this use a stereo jack simply to provide a way of taking the battery out of the circuit when the plug is removed (a conventional plug “shorts” the shaft and ring terminals)?

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    EMG uses the stereo jack as a switch to turn off the active electronics when you unplug your normal instrument cable. This is a very common method and has been for a long time. the 1981 Kramer I have with active electronics does the same thing. It preserves the 9v battery necessary for the active system for a LONG time.


    As an aside, there are some instruments that were designed with stereo jacks to separate the neck and bridge pickup outputs. Chris Squire's iconic Rickenbacker sound with Yes is a good example of how that was leveraged. The two pickups got entirely different EQ setup for recording and live play so there was still a "bottom" to the perky highs.
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