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Thread: Laser Stopping mid-job - Solution!

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    Laser Stopping mid-job - Solution!

    Firstly a hello and a very big thank you from a long time lurker. Many of the questions that I have previously had have been answered by reading through this forum.
    Now it is time to offer an insight that I couldn't find an answer to but solved through trial and error.
    I hope that it helps others in the future.

    I run an 80 watt laser from G Weike in China fitted with a leetro board, using Lasercut 5.3 software.

    Lately it has been freezing mid-job. Turning the laser off then on again allowed me to continue the job for a little while before it would freeze again.
    Very frustrating and not acceptable for the job that I was running.

    The file was large so I dumped all the other files in the memory in case it was a memory issue. I then tested a few smaller and simpler files - no fix.

    The long USB cable that I run has recently become a little sloppy in it's fit to the computer so I thought that perhaps it was generating some 'noise' that was causing the stop. After the file download I disconnected the cable and ran the file from the machine - no fix.

    The next step was to reinstall the lasercut 5.3 software and the drivers - still no fix.

    Now it was time to look at the environment. I live in the sub-tropical city of Brisbane, Australia. This week the daily temperatures have hit well above 30 degrees celcius with high humidity to match. The air conditioner in my studio had recently died, and while I am happy to sweat it out it seems the laser wasn't. After opening the side door of the laser case (where all the electronics live) I noticed the single computer fan in there was pretty warm. I left the door open for ventilation and directed a box fan into the space to keep things cool. The problem stopped.

    So, if your laser is in a hot environment and it keeps stopping mid-job this may be the solution that you are looking for.

    All the best,

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    Thanks Wayne for coming back and telling us about this, seem now days people come here ask questions then then are gone. Leaving us to wonder if there problem was solved and what the fix was.
    I to run lasercut 5.3 Leetro . I never had this problem but its a good possibility that I might. Last summer we had over 100 days with temps above 30c so I'll put this in my Notes for future reference.
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