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Thread: So what's the word on battery rebuilds?

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    So what's the word on battery rebuilds?

    I've got a bunch of Dewalt 20v batteries that, much like me, aren't the mules they used to be. Anybody have any experience with commercial rebuilders? I'm not really interested in doing it myself.

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    I've had good results from MTO.

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    Rebuilding NiMH and NiCad batteries is pretty straightforward. Li-Ion are another kettle of fish, the rebuilder needs to know what they're doing and I'm not sure about cost vs. new batteries.

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    I had my 14V batteries rebuilt by MTO for about 1/2 of what new batteries were selling for.. They have lasted quite a few years. They are getting pretty weak again. I was able to buy two new batteries for a very reasonable price a couple of years ago that are doing just fine. I noticed a strong hot smell the last time I used my 14V right angle drill so, I will have to do something to replace it at some point. I'll probably look at getting 20V tools to match what my son and son in law have.
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    MTO did my NIMh batteries in my 14V Makita drill quite a few years ago. Still going strong.

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