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Thread: Traction Cleats for Walking on Icy Roads

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    Traction Cleats for Walking on Icy Roads

    Does anyone have recommendations for slip on traction cleats to give better footing when walking on icy surfaces? Something like this that I can put on my walking shoes or boots:

    Not looking for crampons for ascending glacial peaks, just something to use in my neighborhood to avoid pratfalls when the roads get icy. It seems that there are many varieties at many price points.


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    I have the ones in your link, and my wife has Katooli MicroSpikes, The Ice Trekkers have good traction and are more suitable for road walking, less aggressive than the MicroSpikes. They both take some effort to get on.

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    My mother has been using YakTrax products for some years, they don't last forever but a few years per set isn't bad. They help her feel safer walking along the road for exercise in the winter, when the snow is too deep to walk in other places.

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    I have a pair of these. I've used them for a few years and they work well.
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    My absolute favorites, time tested after many years in Alaska and now in Montana, are the Kahtoola Microspikes. I use them on my firefighting boots for traction on icy roadways at vehicle accidents, and keep a set in the truck as well. I put in a lot of miles with these on dog walks on icy, slippery trails. No other brand or model has held up as well for me.

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    I have the stabilicers Max original design and find them indespensible for walking in icy conditions. One fitted and adjusted they are quick to put on and remove. The cleats are replaceable, but I'm still on the originals after 4 or 5 years of use.
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    I bought the Yaktraks a few years back for a winter trip to yellowstone. They broke a couple hundred feet in. I was able to replace them in the park. Im not sure offhand what i replaced them with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Rosenthal View Post
    I have a pair of these. I've used them for a few years and they work well.

    I also use these and highly recommend. A little pricy, but they go on easy, stay on and you can buy replaceable cleats. They are a necessity at my place and keep me walking this time of year. I got mine at Amazon though.

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    Also from Amazon, bit cheaper but should work--

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    Bhe bride and I just ordered YakTrax on the advice of a neighbor. Lots of ice here in DC.

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    I use YakTrax. I walk a lot. They give you more confidence so you can walk faster. That can be a problem because they grip 99% of the time. If you hit an area of ice that's got a dusting of powder you can still slip and fall. Looks like most designs would do that as the metal gets covered with packed with snow sometimes.
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    I also have a pair of the Lee Valley Icers. Been using them for several years and find them to be very good. You can replace the studs too.

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    Golf Shoes? Be sure to remove them before walking in the house

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