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That would be awesome Patrick, thank you!

How did you attach the base to the top? Also I can't wait to see the chairs you come up with!

Originally, i was going to have stretchers connecting the top of the X's lengthwise with pieces 2" wide and maybe 1.25" thick and then screw those into the top. However, i found them to be unnecessary from a structural standpoint, and i was concerned with them interfering with clearance for chairs. I ended up drilling elongated holes through the corners of the base and shooting four screws into the table top. I then plugged those holes with 1/2" walnut plugs. I did this after the table was finished and moved into place, so if you lay on the ground the plugs wouldnt be perfect. I taped around the plugs, flush cut them, and then pared them close to the surface of the finished table base. Speaking of which, i should go back and hit them with a smidge of finish so the plugs blend better.