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Thread: Problem Uploading Image File Using Safari on a MacBook Pro

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    Problem Uploading Image File Using Safari on a MacBook Pro

    Just tried to upload a post with pictures using Safari. When I clicked on Choose File from Computer. Nothing happened. I did not get a Finder window for the file directory. I tried a bunch of usual fixes like restarting the browser and then restarting the computer. No change. I was able to create the post with images using Chrome (not my favorite browser for security reasons), so the problem is not between the keyboard and the chair.

    Does anyone know of some setting for my Safari browser that I can change to allow a Finder window to open? Or is the problem somewhere else?


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    If your popup blocker is turned on you won't see the window.
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    I post pictures from Safari all the time, I do have adblock pro activated. So it can work, I don't remember having to do anything special to make it work. Sorry.

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    This is a recent change for me in using SMC on Safari. I have posted pictures in the past. I did not knowingly change a pop-up blocker. It is a mystery.

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    I do not normally use Safari--I'm a Chrome user--but just tested it with no issues in the scenario you mentioned. The issue has to be local to your machine...perhaps an update changes some default? Nothing has changed at SMC.

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    Thanks, Jim. I will look for something on my end then. I think the only place for me to look is something about Safari. I wish Apple gave us a way to save system settings and a test program to run after an update to check that all functions still operate as they did before.

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