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Thread: Saw footprint & horsepower thoughts/ I need opinions!!

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    I had a 3HP Unisaw and in 1990 I upgraded to a 3HP PM66. In 2005 I moved to a 5HP Sawstop ICS. I had only bogged down the 3HP saws twice. Both when ripping 2.5" deep in red oak. Using a 30 TPI Forrest blade if I slowed down the wood would burn and faster and the saw would bog. I didn't have a true rip blade at the time. If I had I doubt I would have bogged the saw down. That said, the upcharge for 5HP over 3HP on the ICS was only $200 so I went with 5HP.

    IMHO if you want to buy a cabinet saw once get a 5HP Sawstop ICS. I upgraded to get to a slider and if I had to downside I'd be back with the 5HP ICS.

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    Paid 1,200.00 Canadian so 900.00 US for a used SCM off a forum.

    9hp, outstanding dust collection, can take a 16" blade for 5 1/4" or more cut, 14" blade if scoring saw, 1,300 lbs or very close, not substitue for lack of mass. You pay more in tax. I could have got the saw for less as well.

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