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Thread: Shop Tunes?

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    Shop Tunes?

    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering for those who listen to music in their shops what are your "go-to" artists/albums?
    Currently blasting: Black Sabbath,, Decemberists, High On Fire, Steely Dan (ok dad, you were right all these years) Band of Horses, Tom Waits, Wes Montgomery, and Rainbow.

    Also, does anyone else need to play certain music for specific tasks? I can't hand cut dovetails listening to Black Sabbath, but I also can't dimension lumber listening to jazz.

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    Miles Davis (The Earlier stuff, Kind of Cool, Birth of the Cool), Dave Brubeck, Dylan, The Band, CSNY, N Young, Chamin Correa, Eva Cassidy, Jesse Young, Joni M, Aretha, Stones. For the serious work Vespers Amy Winehouse, Warren Zevon, Elvis, Pablo Cassal, YoYo MA, Big Band, the old crooners, but I think I am older than you.

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    Southern rock, no matter the artist...Boston, Fleetwood Mac (the oldest stuff), Traveling Wilburys, Meatloaf, Jazz, Swing, some classical. It al depends what I need to do. I can't "think" if there are lyrics.

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    I usually just tune to one of my Pandora stations, rock or jazz. I have a TV connected to a Roku and a Raspberry Pi in the shop. I can listen to various internet stations as well as pandora. that way I can think more about what I'm doing and less about what to listen to next.

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    Science and politics podcasts and CBC radio......Rod.

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    I have much of my flat spinny things (CD's, Records) digitized and on hard drives. I randomly play a little over 330 hours of songs from various artists via an old laptop running a lightweight unix OS. I can also listen to whatever LOML is playing on Pandora by switching on a wireless setup I have available.
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    Variety of podcasts...woodworking, home building, humor, political, biographical

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    Joe Bonamassa 90% of the time. Various others the other 10%

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    50's and 60's rock n roll, doo wop, boogie woogie, older country and western. Stuck in a time warp, before the Beatles.
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    I listen to via an Alexa talking to a Nakamichi "shelf" system that has a sub. Broad, eclectic, wonderful mix of music and the sound is very pleasing...even better since the acoustic ceiling went in!

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    Little Feet, Junior Kimbrough, Art Pepper, Commander Cody and the Lost planet Airmen, Jellyroll Kings, Jesse Cook, Etta James, Vivaldi, Son House, Cream, Buddy Holly, Coleman Hawkins, Devil Dolls, Rosie Ledet, and of course Link Wray. Among a host of others.
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    I've been on a Rachael Price kick lately. What a voice!
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    Most of the time I stream When they get too bluegrassy (sorry if you're a fan) I'll switch to coffeehouse on sirius or one of the folk/singer songwriter streams on Pandora. Or just shuffle from the plex server that has all my ripped Cd's and LP's.

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    Josh Garrells or Flannelgraph Radio on Spotify. Mostly acoustic folk now that Iíve mellowed.

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    I generally stream Sirius XM through my WiFi and phone into a Bose Soundlink. I've been on a Jazz kick lately. It goes well with hand work.
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