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Thread: Best way to cut a saw plate?

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    Best way to cut a saw plate?

    A rectangular fragment of a saw plate floating around in my shop was intended as a scraper. It turned out to be perfect to use to extend a saw kerf into the pin boards in half-blind dovetails. I was delighted that the rectangle is exactly the thickness I need for the task (0.025Ē), so it is in use. But itís about an inch wider than it needs to be. Iíd like to trim it down to make a more elegant tool.

    I cut wood. Iím out of my depth when faced with cleanly cutting a tool steel plate along a straight line. What are some options I might already have in my shop?

    I donít have a dedicated metal grinder, but I have a Dremel, cordless drill, and drill press.

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    Dremel would work. I cut my first few plates using a grinder and a cutoff wheel. Take your time, keep it cool.

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    abrasive cutting disk in a saw. Watch out for saw dust fires. It will have to be retempered on the cut edge.
    Bill D

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    If I were you I'd invest in a budget quality 4-1/2" angle grinder and use a cutoff wheel with it. Horror Freight has some starting at 13 bucks and going up to $100.

    For a better quality tool, consider Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Metabo. I've used all of them and they are great tools.

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    Strike a line, hacksaw, then file any imperfections. A 0.025" thick plate won't take long to cut.

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