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Thread: HAMMER (Felder) news

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    Thanks Erik, I'll give Merideth a call tomorrow.

    This was in the email I recieved last Tuesday "Great News your machine has arrived in our West Sacramento, California office. Shortly following this email
    if your machine is not paid in full you can expect to receive a payment link which will allow you to pay for your purchase directly online. " .

    So, it seems to be off the boat. It's the first thing I've heard since paying my deposit in December.

    I'm sure we'll get it sorted out. It was just weird to get no replies to the emails and calls last week.

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    You make any progress Clifford? I would suggest you are quite fortunate in the scheme of things if you ordered in Dec and and are the verge of taking delivery. My A3-41 took about 9 months, and I'm about to hit 1 year waiting on a N4400 order.

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    Hi Jeff, the good news is that the A3 31 is in my garage. I left Merideth a voice message and she passed it along to the person who originally took my order. All they could tell me was that my machine had made it to Denver. I live in a very rural area, so the end delivery is subcontracted once it reached Denver. Neither the shipping company (ABF??) or the subcontractor could confirm it's location.

    My biggest concern woas that the item would show up and no one would be here to take delivery. (It's happened with that subcontractor before. ) But I was promised that I would get 24 hours notice. You guessed it, a few days later it shows up. The driver had it unloaded before calling me. No one was home to take delivery. So, back it went and they tried again a few days later.

    The deliveryman placed it in my garage. Before I could round up a few strong friends, Covid hit our house. We're waiting for it to clear before having people over to haul it down to the basement shop.

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