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Thread: Sugar maple burl bowl

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    Sugar maple burl bowl

    It's interesting to me to see the myriad of turned objects people produce, and then view what you yourself turn in that context. I marvel at the intricate turnings, and post-turning embellishments people do -- carving, burning, piercing. But when I'm making something, I almost always focus on simple forms. I almost never put a foot on a bowl, my spindle turnings generally don't have much for complex beads/coves/etc. I just love to look at the wood. Again, it's not that I don't appreciate other approaches, far from it -- it's just not what I find myself inclined to do when I have a piece of wood mounted in the lathe. I think that might be part of why I'm so taken with spheres, it's kind of the simplest form in which to display the wood -- it has no "sides", every view is the same with regard to the turning, yet the appearance changes with each little bit of rotation. Although I enjoy straight grained wood too and make many things out of it, I'm always on the lookout for "interesting" wood. I do a lot of filling and stabilizing of knots, rot, and voids to be able to use pieces others might not want to bother with.

    Piece below is from a smallish sugar maple burl cut off a log in the firewood pile -- lots of included bark and voids. I turned it rough a couple years ago and did a number of fills over time, usually using the leftover epoxy when I'd make a batch for something else (ground coffee is the filler and source of color). Was at a break point in other projects earlier this week and saw it sitting on the shelf waiting for final turning. The shape is not something I'm in love with, but the wood sort of dictated it. I need to get it photographed in better light, the heartwood bits show up ok here, but the sapwood parts have great figure and chatoyance that does not show in these pics. About 6.5" in diameter, danish oil finish with trip/WD/carnuba buff.

    Another plea for people to post their work. I've learned a ton from posts about equipment, products, techniques, etc., but I miss the old days when this board had dozens of posts showing what people were making, whether simple or advanced, in addition to the tools and techniques.



    Maple burl bowl inside 2021-01-29.JPGMaple burl bowl bottom 2021-01-29.JPG

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    Very nice work, and the wood too! I like it.

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    Good looking bowl Dave! You put a lot of effort into it and it shows!

    I agree that it would be great to have folks posting their work and asking questions but I have also found that these things run in cycles. New turners post their work to ask questions on how to improve. Experienced turners offer suggestions to assist others in discovering form, figure, finish and various ways to create turnings that are pleasing to the eye. As the new turners gain experience, they replace the older turners in answering questions on how to do something. Please keep posting your work because you just never know when something you have created will spark the imagination for someone's next turning!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your turnings!

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