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Thread: Square bench dog hole “lining”

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    Square bench dog hole “lining”

    I’m in the process of building a new workbench from an old ash tree that succumbed to Emerald Ash Borer. I just cut my strip for square dog holes and they came out crisply after following some advice in other posts here. It occurred to me that before I glue this thing together I could add replaceable linings with 5mm strips from a contrasting wood, especially on the endgrain side that will bear the force of the vise pushing on the dog. I could use hide glue (as in violin fingerboard which are fully replaceable) or just add 2 angled, countersunk screws at the top and bottom. When these strips or linings get worn away I could simply replace them and the existing crisp edges I have would remain mostly intact. I could also set the linings a few mm below the surface. Given that this bench is built like a tank to last, I was wondering if anyone else had done this or if I’m missing something? Thanks

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    Just thinking it's probably unnecessary, but it'd look good!

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    I agree with Steve...interesting appearance, but not really necessary. Normal clamping pressure for work-holding isn't huge and ash is very resilient.

    Nice choice to repurpose that wood, too. I have a bunch down now to get milled and unfortunately still a lot of standing dead that will eventually come down. Dozens of them on my property succumbed to the bug.

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    I think Overkill

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    have Ulmia Benches. One wood only on the top and like that look the best. Thats how most to all were in the past and im old and stubborn.

    The Dogs change how tight they are with seasons. My benches are from auctions, one guy swiped a dog at the auction saw him standing in front of it when we were all in another room, didnt even think of what he might be doing. Know who it was and he got caught trying to steel stuff at another auction a year later. Auction company said why would he do that he is wealthy. id like to swear now like the flintstones.

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    Overkill (more characters so it will let me post this reply)

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    If there isn't a lot of slop, you should not get noticeable wear just from dogs pressing against endgrain. One thing you might consider is adding a ball catch to the side of the hole, rather than to the dog. Then anything of rectangular cross section used as a dog will hold its position vertically.

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