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Thread: William & Mary ,,,,carved

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    William & Mary ,,,,carved

    The clients loves this William and Mary painting and wanted a carved example to use as a vanity cabinet door. I had to reconfigure it for sizing as well as move the owl to the center per their request. Its done in 1 1/4 basswood glued up from 4 alternating boards. Knowing it would warp ( which it did ) once carving started I cut saw kerfs in the back at the same depth as the carving .its done in 3/8ths inch.
    Sealed the carving before painting with acrylics. Matte black was requested for the frame . Finished out at 24 X 28. Different than my usual but fun!
    first pic is of the original painting.
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    I just looked up "tree of life". Started hearing the phrase in 1st grade or so. But did not know how widely used it is.
    Love "fantasy flowers". Great to have you back, Mark.

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    Thanks Mel. Very thoughtful of you. Yes, there are quite a few interpretations of it. It works for me as long as the client is happy!
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    Outstanding piece, Mark. Beautifully carved and painted. Maybe one day I'll be this good..... or maybe not.

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    Thank you Tom!
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