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Thread: grizzly g0803z bandsaw

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    grizzly g0803z bandsaw

    does anyone have any experience with this bandsaw,,it seems kinda high if you compare apples for apples at amazon,,,and needless to say,,i know once you buy it from grizzly its yours,,its not like amazon,,where they give you 30 days

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    Hi Jeff - just saw this when searching for some other info related to the same saw. I imagine you're long past whatever decision you were making, but in case it's helpful to others -- I've had one of these for almost 4 years. Fairly light use. For the money, I think it's decent. I was able to do a little resawing (very little given power and very short height of upper guide). Mostly I've used it for general use - neither resawing nor complex curves. it's been handy to have and doesn't take up much space or weigh much.
    Right now, I'm dealing with tracking problems that I believe are due to a problem with the tension spring - waiting for a replacement part for that. I've found their tech support to be very good when I've had questions. Guy spent about 40 min on the phone with me yesterday troubleshooting. He pulled up a parts diagram and talked me through part by part on the diagram.
    The guides are not great-they are hard to adjust as they tend to move when you tighten them. They aren't terrible either. It doesn't feel like junk to me.
    I will tell you that I just purchased a Laguna 1412, but folks on here convinced me to keep the 9", which is why I'm trying to fix the issues.

    I can't compare it to the other 9 and 10" options. I've gotten the impression that the Rikon 10" might be a better choice - but it's also more expensive last I checked.

    Hope that helps.

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