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Thread: exercise bike

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    exercise bike

    Can anyone recommend an indoor exercise bike?

    Dont see a need for an expensive to buy and a monthly fee.
    Pay someone to yell at you to peddle a bike. Just don't see the point but know many do.

    Just looking for something decent
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    We have an exercise bike that I found in a ditch along the road here, it works fairly well but I'm sure you can get a much better one nowadays. An elderly neighbor told me one day years ago on the phone "I got one of them bikes that don't go nowhere, but I can't ride on it." He had an old ankle injury from construction work that caused him a lot of grief.

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    Might consider an elliptical as well.

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    I'd get an Indoor Bike Trainer Stand and a low cost bike. I used one for years in the winter. On nice days you can ride outside. Overall the exercise could turn out to be fun and more enjoyable.

    During the 70's oil crisis I bought a cheap 10 speed bike. My woodworking business was thriving and I wanted to avoid waiting in lines to buy gas. I did estimates and all trips that didn't require a truck by bike. I was not doing it for exercise or fun but out of necessity. Turns out I liked biking. It was a great way to treat stress and I'd look forward to errands I could run by bike. I felt more energized and slept better on the days I rode the bike. It was also a moral booster to get somewhere under your own power, especially when I sped by those long gas lines
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    I scoured Craigslist for mine. Local gyms are always selling off older machines.

    Mine has the Schwinn logo on it, but it's just like the rest with a friction belt for resistance.

    $200, three years ago. It looks for all the World like it was made by "Sunny".

    Here's a current example:
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    Treadmills and bikes. I see them for free all the time. Just check the local listings.

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    I bought a no name recumbent stationary bike several years ago, mainly for my wife. It works well, but doesn't see a lot of use. My treadmill has gone through 3 motors, 2 power boards,2 platens, 2 belts & 2 sets of rollers. It probably has 15,000 KM on it.

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    I have a Schwinn recumbent. It's a few years old. It works great and there have been no issues.

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    I'm a road cyclist who does most of their workouts on an indoor stationary bike, these days. Agree with Jim and Myk: Check CL and FB Marketplace for used stationary bikes. I would not pay more than $300 (used) but also, would not buy a sub-$100 bike. Schwinn is the common one, there are clones. "Gym-grade" is what you want, due to build quality and features like the computer. When the gym I used to teach at folded up, the owner sold me one of their stationary bikes, which I love. Have it set up in front of a flat screen TV on the wall, can stream POV-type rides in Europe, etc. Been a real escape during the pandemic. Good luck in your search.

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    I would not actually suggest a bike and a trainer now. Finding bikes has been problematic, and I've seen many way overpriced. I have a tv in shop, and a trainer I can toss in front of it.

    I'd rather just go for a ride though, and that's the one advantage of Tucson.. except for this week, that's normally doable

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    Check craigslist daily. You can use a search word of "exercise" and see what comes up in both free, furniture and other categories. There are lots of them available now but they still sell quick due to covid. I am recovering from ankle surgery and found a barely used pedal exerciser for $15 being sold by an elderly couple that the wife used after knee surgery. It seemed like a good idea to use anywhere, but I found that didn't really work out for my recovery needs. I ended up buying a FitNation Flexbike from a nice woman who hoped to use it for her MS. She managed to do 10 painful miles on it before she accepted that she will no longer be able to pedal a bike due to her foot pain. This was essentially brand new $200+ exercise bike and being sold for under $100. It has 3 positions changing from upright to recumbent that lets me work my ankle & leg muscles different. The display would be nice if it was accurate, but it's way off on time & heart rate, so I'm guessing it's off on distance too. I have an apple watch so I start an exercise to track how long I have pedaled. It has a dial knob to change the tension. It's extremely quiet to use. No need to plug anything in. I was concerned about stability of the bike since I can't walk without crutches or pressing down on nearby objects but the bike has been quite stable climbing on and off. During my morning warm-up, I can set my iphone on the display ledge and read news and work the stiffness out of my ankle joint.
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    If you're going to use one for 20 to 30 minutes a day, it needs to be one you like to use. If you're just going to hope you're going to use one, it doesn't matter.

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