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Thread: Makita Go straight to the Horse

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    Makita Go straight to the Horse

    I had posted previously asking about knock off batteries for Makita, since they discontinued then1830 3ah, and the newer batteries say they only work with the "star" system tools.
    I've been fretting over it for a couple of weeks, not wanting to buy new tools to replace ones I already have.
    Today I decided to go straight to the horse's mouth and call Makita, and maybe express my dissatisfaction and beg for help.
    I told the rep what I had and said I don't have the yellow stars on my tools. He asked if I had the tools there, and would I remove the batteries and see what color the re ieving plates were. I did, and said they are yellow.
    He said great, not all of the tools were embossed with the star, but if the reciever is yellow it will accept the newer batteries, and I could get the higher capacity ones and still use the same charger. That's great news, and will encourage me to add to the selection of cordless makita tools I have. Sometimes things just work out.

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    That is good to know. Mine also don't have stars, but they have the yellow plates on the tools. Thanks for finding this out, it will save me some cash as well

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