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Thread: spray stains

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    spray stains

    I have been unable to find any Minwax spray stain aerosol lately, one suppler company said Minwax is discontinuing aerosols.
    Are there any good alternative aerosol spray stains? (I use mostly golden oak. most any light oak would be great.)
    I did try some Krylon and it will not really work for my application
    and I just do not want to mess with a sprayer?
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    Mohawk Finishing makes some:


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    Thanks, did not know about the Mohawk. (guess I did not use the right search terms?? I retried with the word Aerosol added and it came up.)
    I have some Mohawk on the way to try
    I am looking at the Preval, I did get one spray system that uses regular canned air, but this puts me back at a lot of clean-up for the small/short sessions I need the stain for.
    Clean up would be 10x longer than the actual staining time.
    I have very small intricate parts.
    I have now tried a rag....will not work at all, does not get into the design cutouts
    I tried a brush, not very even, and can not get in to remove excess.
    the Minwax spray worked great, so if the Mohawk works, great, otherwise I will try the Preval type system.
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    Since you mentioned these are very small intricate parts, would dipping the parts in stain perhaps be an option?
    Dip, then wipe off the face(s) with a lint free rag, maybe even blow the excess stain out of crevices and wipe again.
    Definitely will get stain into the cutouts...

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